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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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after a dusting this morning. some more substantial snowfall is on the way. >> . it's going it be more snow. you pointed out the roads have stayed wet. the temperatures have been hovering at freezing all day long. snow has has had a hard time
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>> . >> coming up in just a second. much much colder. is going to be the problem with the slick roads. we'll talk about that. and a look ahead to the weekend. >> >> a look at what's happening there. >> . >> >> so right now we're seeing light snow.
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over the last hour. something else that we have noticed. the wind. has started to pick up a bit. >> >> make sure you tune in to good day colorado. we'll have the latest snow totals. time saver traffic update.
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>> . >> tonight. a local family is demanding change. at a metro area charter school. several reports of bullying. >> . a little girl who goes to school here. says she's been kicked and taunted several times. now her mom is blaming teachers. for not stepping in. >> yesterday she came home with bruises all over her arm. from an incident on the playground. the school is tph fging whether the marks are from a bully. but at least 3 other times so
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her daughter has been a victim of physical and emotional abuse. at school. >> . the more. they see you getting hurt by the words or things they do. is the more they do it. >> . her mom says it's the schools responsibility to stop it before it starts. >> she hass dozens of the >> >> the family has pulled grace out of the school. they're hoping to get her into a denver public school. instead.
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finish the fifth grade online. >> new information on a story we told you about last night. the man accused of kidnapping and sexual sexual assaulting a 16 year-old girl. he was captured in alabama this morning. along with the girl who is also his granddaughter. >> . accuse of a bank robbery and crime spree. posting these photographs to his facebook page. he hasn't posted anything new in a while. which isn't much help in the nationwide search. police say mason and two accomplices who have been caught, robbed two banks in lake wood last fall. there's a one hundred thousand
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>> the first plant would demolish 55 homes. >> . we're trying to be as creative as possibility. to create this amenity. this protection. for the community. while minimizing any impact to private property. >> a final decision will be made in february. it is asking for public input during -rt several neighborhood
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>> the president taking questions in virginia. during an hour long town hall event on guns. thursday night. >> the laws we create don't stop these things from happening. that's a tough pill to swallow. >> . he's trying to create an
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something to keep people safe. >> all of this following his announcing tuesday a series of executive actions he's taking. including trying to curb currently unregulated online and gun show firearm sales. >> now he's looking to use his executive authority to go around congress. and require more gun sellers to get licenses. and more gun buyers to under go background checks. >> >> i don't think the president has a lot of respect for the
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>> most legal experts agree with cruise. his fellow poll teugs politicians don't seem so sure. and one is threatening a lawsuit if cruise is elected. >> . i think there's a question. but i think it's worth looking into. >> >> trump started the current wave of concerns about cruises eligibility. he says the texas senator should go to court. and get a judgment to clear up any confusion. >> . taking a look at news across america. 17 salt miners are safe at home. after getting trapped in an
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>> >> now the investigation begins. engineer say a bract within the shaft became loose. blocking the elevator. in it will be inspected and repaired before workers return. >> a week since armed protestors took over a wildlife refuge in oregon. there's no sign it will end any time soon. >> the mother of the teen who is abzed of helping him escape out of the country is back in texas to face charges. she was spwaobged into she was booked today. her son was on probation after killing 4 people in a drunk driving crash. in 2013. at age 16.
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fighting deportation to the united states. >> . 7 hundred million dollars and growing. that is how much money could be yours if you are the winner of saturday's power ball. >> one ticket was worth 50 thousand dollars sold in our state. >> . more importantly the dream continues. >> that is a record.
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>> . why this new bridge de-sefrpbs its own ribbon cutting. >> . it's called a diamond interchange. it's the new bridge over highway 36. >> . we have the coolest bridge in america. >> the mayor couldn't be prouder. but you'll need this over head view along with his explanation to understand what it is. why it's good for drivers. >> . where you cross sides of the bridge. eliminates the turning motions where you cross over traffic. so left turn is unobstructed. you can't get into major
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>> just one of 34 in the country. there's another one in colorado. in grand junction. >> . weather tracker. north on i 25. coming up out of the tech center. there it is on the right hand side. you can see the exit. coming up on bell view. in just a little bit. all right. let's take a look at what's going on. roads still wet. that's going to change. so you can see it winter storm warnings to the south. and then here, for the front range and including denver. that's a winter weather advisory. >> where the wet roads will turn slick. and maybe snow covered when you wake up in the morning. there it is. snow coming in. we have snow to the north.
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>> 30 at the airport. wind out of the north. humidity is way up. so here's our future cast. again. cold air down from the north. moisture from the south. squeeze out the snow. up in the morning. then we go through the afternoon. everything will shift here. to southeast colorado. that's when they'll get a good shot of accumulation. from noon. until about 4 or five in the evening. late in the day, dry air from the north. will move in. and that shuts off the snow machine. with that in mind. these are the new updated snow numbers that we have. you'll notice the numbers in the mountains have started to drop off. because the snow that you have
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already done. so you'll get another one. 2 or 3 inches. southeast colorado. this 4 and 5 on the southern border. that's after the lunch hour. you can see classic the the higher amounts through the foothills and south side of town. generally about two to 3 eufrpbls. from metro denver. i'll dig in deeper to the front range. here's your temperatures. tonight. temperatures going down into the teens to about 20 degrees in denver. you can bet the roads will be a little bit of a problem. and we really don't get a bounce back tomorrow. only tkwoeupbg to be about 25, 26 degrees. over northeast close to freezing or below in theouth and east. you'll do another round of 30s in the mountains.
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>> so again. two to 3 inches. i think almost all of that is on the ground. we'll say about one to two inches. on the ground. when you get up in the morning. in denver. and we might add another inch. as the snow trickles through noon. before ending. >> over night lows in the single digits. sunday 27. sun will be back.
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we'll struggle to get to 30 on monday. and finally bounce into the upper 30s 40s for tuesday. wednesday and thursday. >> >> the weekend finally here. plenty to keep you busy. >> from wild films to the wild west. >> . >> hey kids from a wild movie to a wild comedian. plus a legendary actor here in denver. a lot to keep you busy this weekend. and i got your ticket. >> . the national western stock show in full swing this weekend. over 15 thousand animals and so many events. it's great part of the history. head to their web site.
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it runs through the 24. >> . tickets are 45 bucks head to paramount denver .com. >> . july 2 they came. july 3 they attacked. july 4 the day we fought back. >> bill pullman. he's in denver. directing a new play that he's written. it's one night only. sunday. head to vision and snag your seat. >> . and in theaters. it's the an teus anticipated the rev tphapbt it is graphically and brutally violent. so much violence.
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is daring you to get up and leave the theater. it maybe getting oscar buzz. but it doesn't get my vote. >> . it's rated r. don't forget i have a full hour of the hottest talk. biggest laughs and fun.
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> looking forward to peyton manning leading the football team. i feel good about that.
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and i also know that brock will be ready to play. >> talk about a crazy season. the broncos started 7 and 0. and lost two straight. and lost peyton manning. brock osweiler takes over and gals. and peyton manning bring them back in the final game of the season. and now he's the starter. are they going to win the super bowl. i don't know. short story on the season. all. if they win the whole tkapbg thing. they'll start for the first time since october 15. in that disaster of the a game where he threw 4 interceptions. and was benched. he missed 6 straight because of a tear in his foot. the left foot came out fine after playing in the final two quarters. against the chargers. last week, there was thought that manning may never play in a broncos uniform again.
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be grateful. don't take it for granted. >> . i have been with peyton manning for 4 years. that helps. me and brock were coming along. and getter better. just having somebody you have been playing with a long time. play off time. it's big. >> . then there's brock. now the back up. and reportedly dealing with a sprained knee. but says he'll be fine. you have to feel for the 25 year-old. he was maybe responsible for one of the five turn overs last week. >> missing a brock or he's not blaming anyone. >> would have could have should have. who knows. but facts are facts. and i didn't finish the game. peyton manning is going to start. that's something that i support one hundred percent. at the end of the day i care about this football team winning.
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finalists for the hall of fame. class of 2016. include favre. warner. and o wepbs. >> . safety steve at water. john lynch. and davis. are so close to canton. davis is the broncos all time leading rusher. with over 76 hundred yards. 60 touch downs. he's a 3 time pro-bowler. two time super-bowl winner. >> . at water went to 7 pro-bowls. 3 super-bowls. has over 13 hundred tackles. 24 interceptions. lynch played in the final 4 of his 15 seasons in denver. over 12 hundred tackles. 13 sacks and 26 picks.
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when you have a buy. you can relax a bit. >> . then there's wade fill phillips. he can still move. not really. >> . he knows it. >> .
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>> >> all right. there it is. live radar. another check tonight. the snow is under way. it will be there when you wake up. again this is not a big storm. but don't under estimate. the cold temperatures will make the roads difficult.
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